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Large Scale Sculptures

If you need a life sized Holstein Cow that really looks like a Holstein cow…Look no further.  CM Herden has made the fiberglass cow you’re looking for. We also have a 1/3rd sized Jersey cow.  Better know as the Cheese Cow, we built her to be a service cart, but you can get one for your yard!   These are all made to order, when you order.  We can paint it to match your cow or we can make it a general breed color.      Please note that these are all individually hand laid fiberglass,  and can be customized to your specifications.

If your needing a different breed, or animal, please contact COWS for price quote.   Time is also an issue, if you need something, please note that these are all created by hand, as ordered, when ordered.

Please allow a minimum of 2-6 months time for delivery, especially if you have a custom created order.    Call if you need  in a shorter time frame.