Carol's Original WorkS

Dairy Cow Award


All Awards come on 3″ Stacked Walnut bases


Bronze or Bronze colored Dairy Cow and Calf

Mounted on 2″ Oval Walnut stacked base

This is an original breed Sculpture by CM Herden, created in clay, molded and hand cast in Cold Cast Porcelain and then each cast is individually hand painted.  These are made to order, so we make it specifically for you when you order.   these come on a 2″ Walnut base, Brass plate (1 1/2″ x 5 1/2″) is also included if you want to add a name or text

size including base approx. 12″ long x 10″ tall x 8″ wide

PLEASE NOTE, HAND MADE PRODUCTS WILL TAKE TIME TO MAKE. If you have a specific date for delivery, please contact COWS for delivery time confirmation. Most items have a 2-8 week +/- delivery time.